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Make an appointment for professional motorcycle detailing to give your bike that showroom shine. A clean bike look good and shows respect for the powerful machine. We make sure all of our bikes in the showroom look great, and we can do the same for your bike. If you can’t make it to the dealership, we will come pick your bike up and bring it back to you after we finish. Call today to learn about our different detailing packages.

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Detailing Service

We have motorcycle detailing packages to fit every budget. We have everything from a basic wash and dry to a showroom detail package. Whether you ride daily or a few times a month, taking care of your bike is a must. We offer flexible scheduling and will even come pick your bike up for you if you can’t bring it to us. Don't forget to check out our full line of gear and accessories. Motorcycle Detailing

We have years of experience with motorcycle detailing. Our enthusiasm for making your ride the best it can be, sets us apart from the competition. Call us today to schedule service and learn more about our detailing packages. If our existing packages don’t work for you, we’d be happy to accommodate any additional services you need.

Sport Bikes

We have two sport bike detailing packages, Wash ’N Dry and Showroom Detail. For the Wash ’N Dry, we thoroughly wash and dry the whole bike and the wheels. Heavy degreasing may be extra. The Showroom Detail premium package includes washing, drying, and wax. We can also add chain cleaning or lubing to any package. Call us today and speak to a service tech for more information. Sport Bike Detailing Fort Myers


For cruiser detailing packages, we have Wash ’N Dry, Showroom Detail, and Chrome Polishing. Our ultimate cruiser package includes the Wash ’N Dry plus wax on all painted surfaces and polishing all chrome. Our service techs will also do chain cleaning or lubing. If your bike needs heavy degreasing, there may be an additional charge. To add on any service to a motorcycle detailing package, just let us know when you call to make an appointment. Touring Bile Detailing Port Charlotte

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For motorcycle detailing in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Naples, and nearby areas, call Whalen Power Sports. You won’t be disappointed!